Do you want to start your own project?

You are not alone!

We will document soon many successful and on-going efforts in different cities and hopefully transform this web site to a lively online place for sharing experiences and offering support.

In the mean time, here is a short list of recommended steps:

  1. Be 500 persons in a compact urban neighborhood (or 468, 789, 523)
  2. Form and association or a cooperative with a name, like: Butterfly, Livia, or E7/3. Be democratic.
  3. Create a microcenter of some 10'000 sqf with a food-depot, a bakery, a bar/restaurant, a tool depot, a laundry saloon, a swimming pool.
  4. Pay a micro-manager, a cook, a baker and distribute the rest of the work among yourselves.
  5. Create a pool of flats, rooms and other spaces and distribute them according to your needs. Use less space (ca. 200 sqf).
  6. Get in touch with farmers of the region and establish a direct exchange.
  7. Work less, share stuff, be around.
  8. Be an active part of your borough and provide/support public services.
  9. Establish an ABC (Anti-Boredom-Center) in the center of your borough.
  10. Be un-bored.

[download the printable 500 membership cards]

These steps might be more difficult than presented, depending on the context, the people, the political situation. But they are much easier than you think!

You might also have some questions. Why 500? How do we find the money? How do we deal with the complex legal issues? How do we build a community without tensions and misunderstandings? What happens if there are political pressures against our project? These are all valid questions whose answers are different for different cases.

The good news is that you don't have to answer all of them before starting a new project. And we will try to offer as much information based on past experiences to help you during the first steps ...

Stay tuned!