o500 New urban institutions for living and working together, respecting nature, leading to a fullfilled and happy life

o500 is a work in progress that aims to develop 1) a global concept and a long-term vision for inventing sustainable urban lifestyles that are compatible with the survival of the biosphere and our aspiration to fulfilled and happy lives and 2) a concrete and immediate action plan based on real projects around the world.

o500 is not an organization, but a platform for information, discussion and sharing of experiences. At this stage, this is the content made available:

As we advance with the organization of the web site and the inclusion of more content, we would be very happy to receive your feedback, useful links, and contributions at contact@o500.org

(The number 500 is not a magic number, but only means that we believe that the suitable size for cooperative housing and living projects lies somewhere between 450 and 800 persons. We consider this the first institution of the global commons)

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